Golden Wildebeest

Golden Wildebeest are truly the unique gem of nature. This very rare colour variant of the normal Blue Wildebeest brings grandeur to the wildlife industry with its distinctive golden colours, tenacious attitude and dominant presence.

The York family have been breeding this majestic animal for over 20 years and are one of the forerunners amongst the top breeders with impressive horn size, superior colouring and genetic diversity of blood lines.

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Sandstone Valley

“A place where your soul can rest” – Barry York

Sandstone Valley is a tranquil getaway on a private game ranch in the Waterberg. Ideal for a group of friends looking for a secluded break in the Bushveld.

Sandstone Valley offers unmatched views from the main house, as well as displaying some of the most memorable sunsets imaginable. Find yourself lounging in the pool while the fire cracks behind you and the sun set paints the sky.

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